Tuesday, September 3, 2013

raw chia seed jam

After many requests, Today I share with you this recipe for raw chia seed jam, which contains no refined sugar. This jam can be made with any type of frozen or fresh berry, and could even be made with fresh figs, tamarillo's or cherries. The secret ingredient in this condiment is the super nutritious chia seeds which absorb the water to give a jelly, jam like consistency. I love to spread it on freshly baked bread, use it in baking, or simply spooned over natural yoghurt. Enjoy!

2 cups of frozen or fresh fruit
1/4 cup water
3 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp honey, maple or agave syrup (optional)

Add the fruit, water and honey to a food processor or blender. Pulse until just blended, this helps to get the juices going also.  You could also do this in a large bowl, using a potato masher or fork.

Transfer to a glass jar. Add the chia seeds, and mix well making sure they are well incorporated in to the fruit. 

Place in the fridge to set, this takes at least an hour or so.

Makes a small jar full.

Will last for 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

*gluten free
*dairy free

*refined sugar free


  1. Oh yum, this sounds wonderful :)

  2. Hi. Do you think flaxseeds could be used instead of chia as they do the gluey thing too? I have so much flaxseeds at the moment!

    1. Hey! I am sure they would work well! give it a go and be sure to let me know the outcome :)

  3. Yay thank you for posting - can't wait to try! Stephanie xx

  4. I made this yesterday using frozen boysenberries, it's soooo delicious! Yummy with our buckwheat pancakes this morning too! Thanks so much!!

  5. I just made a marmalade with grapefruit from the garden. AMAZING! Instead of water used the juice from slicing out the segments. Soooo good! X.

  6. Have you tried making jelly with Chia seeds (as in for children). Would it set enough?

  7. I made this yesterday and although it tastes delicious it didn`t set.I wonder if it had something to do with using white chia seeds instead of black?It is very runny.

  8. Yum - will have to give this a try.

  9. Hi Eleanor, will the fruit have to be thawed out?

  10. Could you use stevia for the sweetener instead of honey or agave?

  11. I am anxious to try this with my daughter who suffers from an acid allergy, citric acid is in EVERY jam recipe! So now she can have a PB & J again! Thanks!

  12. So delicious - I tried with frozen boysenberries, raspberries and red currents. I don't think I'll ever buy jam again! The kids approved too :-)

  13. Ok going out on a limb.. can I add it to my already (cough cough) made store bought (shame) jam (100% fruits)

  14. Ok going out on a limb.. can I add it to my already (cough cough) made store bought (shame) jam (100% fruits)