Wednesday, June 5, 2013

homemade honey shampoo

This gentle, nourishing and all natural home made shampoo is made purely from two ingredients, raw honey, and filtered water. 

Honey doesn't strip the hair of natural oils, leaving your hair feeling incredibly soft, silky and shiny. It also helps to reduce frizz and fight dandruff. 

After using the honey shampoo for a month or so, you will notice that you will be able to go longer and longer between washings, as it normalizes the oil production in your hair.  Do try to use raw honey, as regular honey is is processed with damaging levels of heat. 

1/4 cup raw honey
1 cup filtered water
a few drops of essential oil of your choice (I like vanilla essential oil)
* feel free to adjust the ratios of water and honey to your liking.

Combine the honey and water in a glass bottle ( I like to use a recycled apple cider vinegar bottle.) Shake well to dissolve.

To use:

Wet your hair as usual, then massage a few tablespoons worth on your scalp. Distribute through out the hair, then rinse. 

You may also find that you no longer need to use conditioner. Enjoy!


  1. wow! can't wait to try this! does it actually clean your hair?

  2. Thanks for sharing Eleanor, will have to try this. I have recently started using 1 tablespoon cider vinegar mixed with a cup of hot water as a rinse. Great for shine and definition of curls.

  3. This is a great, safe "no 'poo" method that I L-O-V-E love !!

  4. Just tried it today and I LOVE IT!!

  5. i have scalp psoriasis and previously was seeing a dermatologist where i got steroid shots. the shots worked really well and seemed to be all that's been over 1 year since my last injection (used to be every 2-3 months i was needing another). i no longer have insurance and don't want to get the shot as it's hard on your liver so i tried looking up DIY healthy no poo's.
    i was doing the baking soda wash but it left the top of my hair greasy and the rest very very was like straw and actually crunched when i grabbed it.
    found this honey shampoo and tried it for the first time tonight. it smells AMAZING. i did however forget about the filtered water and used regular tap water without the filter turned on. the ends of my hair are now soft and i can actually run my fingers thru (and i do NOT have curly hair either).

    **the site i first saw this on had a recipe for single servings because someone posted that their honey shampoo grew mold after 1 week....
    single serving recipe is
    1T RAW honey
    3T FILTERED water
    heat to liquify

  6. I just tried this today on my TWA natural hair and it got rid of 4 days worth of hair product (curling pudding and gel mainly). I was stunned how clean, but not stripped, my hair felt. Will keep trying to see if its a keeper!

  7. I wish wish wish this method worked for me. I've been trying it for the last 3 months... on very few occasions my hair felt nice afterwards, but more often than not, my hair feels waxy and dirty. I must be doing something wrong!

    1. Try some apple vinegar occasionally. I use it from time to time when the hair feels that way and it does the trick.

  8. Mine was the same as marsha's. I can't even wear it down because it just looks dirty. Help :(

  9. can i use coconut oil instead of vanilla oil?

  10. Will manuka honey be okay instead?